Smoking Shelters, Guardrails, Guard Houses, and Modular Buildings

Smoking Shelters, Guardrails, Guard Houses, and Modular Buildings

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  • The Modular Products That Will Transform Your Business

    We’ve known the benefits of modular construction and have had the honor to partner with businesses from many different industries.  We offer four modular products that will definitely be an asset to your business.


    Smoking Shelters: Our smoking shelters provide protection from the elements and gives your employees a place to smoke without disturbing the rest of the facility.

    Guardrails: The same guardrails used to keep roads safe can be strategically placed in your business to prevent forklift and vehicle accidents.

    Guardhouses: Our modular guardhouses are versatile, durable, and are installed without any mess or hassle.  These structures are vital to keeping your business safe.

    Modular Buildings: Our modular buildings are a great way to maximize space as well as provide a working space within a large warehouse.


    Would you like to learn more about our product lineup?  Visit our website for more information.

  • Do you have the office space you need?

    Does your warehouse or machine shop have the office space it needs?  We’ve been working with satisfied customers around the world for over 25 years to provide them with the office space they need.  Our modular buildings are the perfect solution and are available in a wide variety of configurations.  Visit our website for more information.

  • The Smoking Enclosure

    Oftentimes it doesn’t take a lot to keep employees happy.  As you are probably well aware, smoking can be a bit of a hot button issue at the office.  Some employees smoke and others don’t, which leads to some conflict as to where the smoking should take place at work.

    How do you solve a problem like this?  Our smoking shelters are the answer!  Easily installed at your facility, Buy Mod’s smoking enclosures provide a place for smokers to have a cigarette without disturbing the rest of the team.

    Visit our website to learn more about this product!

  • A Superior Method Of Construction

    The modular building is a feat of construction that is far superior to conventional methods of construction.  This alternative to traditional construction allows us to do all the messy construction work at our facility and ship out modular buildings to your business!

    Who uses modular construction?  It is currently being used by companies around the world ranging from large Fortune 500 businesses to every branch of the U.S. military.  We offer a number of modular buildings that are ready to be shipped and installed at your facility.  Please visit our website to check out the different sized buildings we have available!

  • Modular Construction Is The Answer

    Modular construction solves much of the headache that comes with the conventional building process.  Construction projects are messy, dusty, and are a huge disruption.  All of these factors cost time and money and typically lower productivity in the workplace.

    At BuyMod, our modular solutions provide an answer to all of those headaches.  We start by building the products in our warehouses.  That means there isn’t the same mess and downtime that you’d find with traditional construction.  Our modular products are quickly installed and are up and running in no time.  Head over to our website to see our full product line up!

  • BuyMod’s Guard Rail

    Buymod’s guardrail is built to last with quality steel.  If these guardrails look familiar it is because you’ve seen them along the roads for years.  We’ve taken these same durable guardrails and added new functionality to them by bringing them to the work place.

    Whether used indoors or outside, our guardrails can be placed around your facility or equipment for an added level of protection.  Guardrails can protect businesses from accidents that involve forklifts and other heavy machinery.  If an accident does occur, the guardrail is far easier to replace than a damaged wall or equipment.

    Would you like to learn more about how a guardrail can be implemented at your facility?  Check out our website for more information.